The reason why

We are AGROCOM Tech, a group of professionels working towards the increment of soil productivity by solving environmental challenges.

One of the goals the European Union has set is to transform GHE gases into useful substances, such as industry feedstock. This inspired us, moving deeply our knowledge of plant physiology, for there is no better process than photosynthesis to transform CO2 into useful substances such as sugar, lignine, wood... and food.

Also CO, NOx and CH4 are absorbed and fixed by plant physiological processes and by soil microbial activity. This basically means that a healthy soil is capable of solving most of -if not all- our problems aided by sustainable productive practices.

We are a Agro-StartUp offering equity to reach more producers, so they can join us in this wonderful trip of applied ecology which will lead to bigger, juicer yearly harvests. You can contact us if you are interested in being part of this process with excellent outcomes and products.

Our aim

With an objective in mind, and by carefully choosing the tools we should apply in order to combine goals with project sustainability, we chose Mucuna spp. as our main tool taking advantage of its fantastic properties regarding biomass production, CO2 capture, microbial improvement of the soil and its mechanical properties, and of course, the enormous protein and levodopa yield per hectare.. We are still in the process of obtaining seed capital in order to install the processing plant, but the work with small farmers already began.

We aim to reach 1,000 farmers by this 2020, with yearly increments of 1,000 hectars per year until year 2024.

Our paradigm

1. Engagement of small farmers

We cannot do without them. They are the heart of our project.

2. Production Planification

with the farm owners. This allows us to distribute our inputs better and commits the producer.

3. Agroecological practices

Namely crop rotation (mucuna is only planted as a rotating crop), biodiversity, reforestation and multicropping.

4. Measure results

as a way to monitor the effectiveness of applied methods and apply corrective measures when necessary.


Do you work with small farmers or in a big farm? We can offer you an environmental solution to your fertility and productivity problems with practices which will permanently improve your soil. Please contact us! We can also provide you with the necessary paperwork needed to maintain organic certification (internal audits).